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Long Time Coming

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»Looking for the Southern Cross wasn’t easy
Lonli our guide, a Jehovahs, said god was in
all things including Bulawayo but he had
no idea. Try town.«
from Looking for the Southern Cross in Long Time Coming
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Peter Finch

Peter is a poet, critic, author and literary entrepreneur living in Cardiff, Wales. Until recently he was the Chief Executive of Academi, the Welsh National Literature Promotion Agency and Society of Writers. He now dedicates his time to writing. As a writer he works in both traditional and experimental forms. He is best known for his declamatory poetry readings, his creative work based on his native city of Cardiff and his encyclopaedic knowledge of the UK poetry publishing scene. Peter has published more than 25 books of poetry, recently including The Welsh Poems and Selected Later Poems.
His prose works include a number of critical guides, including
How To Publish Your Poetry, as well as his famous alternative handbooks, guides and literary rambles on Cardiff and Wales. Peter visited Bulawayo as part of a Wales Arts International/British Council cultural delegation in 2006.
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Poem: Looking for the Southern Cross in Long Time Coming