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Where to Now?

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»That day you will also learn, without being told, that women come from their fathers’ houses to live in their husbands’ houses. They claim nothing, just like the sun that daily descends to warm and caress and enliven, only to go back to its mother as naked as it came, with not even a token of thank you..«
from Snapshots in Where to Now?
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NoViolet Bulawayo

NoViolet is a writer and aspiring filmmaker. She recently earned her MFA at Cornell University in the USA, where her work has been recognized with a Truman Capote Fellowship. She teaches creative writing and composition at Cornell and is “putting the absolute final touches on a novel.” A version of Snapshots was a finalist for the 2009 SA Pen/Studzinski Award and her short story Hitting Budapest won the 2011 Caine Prize for African Writing.

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Short Story: Snapshots in Where to Now?