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Long Time Coming

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»We do not allow strangers to invade our kitchens and cook for us. And then - as if this were not enough of a disgrace - serve us in our own homes, at our own functions. My brother would turn in his grave if I allowed such a practice to rear its ugly head at his son’s wedding.«
from Not Slaves to Fashion in Long Time Coming
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Mzana Mzana Mthimkhulu

Mzana was born at Mpilo Hospital, just across the street from Barbourfields stadium, home to Highlanders Football Club. At twenty, he conceded that his desire to play for Highlanders Under 19s was unrealistic and he turned his attention to the first team. Not having made it to the reserve side by the time he was thirty, he set his sights on the position of Head Coach. At forty, he almost made it to the position of sidekick to assistant coach. Never one to give up easily, he is currently gunning for the position of chairman of the club. Whilst waiting for this inevitable appointment, Mzana kills time writing fiction and social commentaries and being a human resources practitioner.
amaBooks writings by Mzana Mthimkhulu

Short Stories: True Love in Short Writings from Bulawayo, Everything is Gonna Be All Right in Short Writings from Bulawayo II, The Concert in Short Writings from Bulawayo III, Not Slaves to Fashion in Long Time Coming and I Am an African, Am I? in Where to Now?