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Long Time Coming

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»“If you don’t get out of the car,” snarled the hijacker in well-enunciated English as he produced a gun, “I’m going to shoot you.”
This did not have the desired effect. By now terrified of what would happen if he did get into the car, we were more determined than ever to stay put…«
from A Lazy Sunday Afternoon in Long Time Coming
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Monireh Jassat

Monireh was born in Bulawayo in 1970. A graduate of Rhodes University in South Africa, she has devoted her life to the acquisition of knowledge and its distillation into wisdom. To this end she has travelled extensively, completed an array of courses and worked as a businessperson, clerk, librarian, paralegal, salesperson, secretary, teacher, theatre manager, waiter and reiki practitioner. All of which have paid the bills and provided background for her first love, writing. To date she has published newspaper articles, magazine features and book reviews. A Lazy Sunday Afternoon is her first venture into the realm of short stories.
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Short Story: A Lazy Sunday Afternoon in Long Time Coming