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Where to Now?

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»Two things happened to create a myth about Uncle’s piri piri. His wife gave birth to a second set of twin sons. And he almost killed the first set for straying into the piri piri garden, after their plastic ball had fallen among the plants. The myth was that Uncle’s testicular strength must surely come from the piri piri. Why else should he almost kill to protect the plants?«
from A Beast and a Jete in Where to Now?

Mapfumo Clement Chihota

Clement recently migrated to Auckland, New Zealand, where he currently lives with his family. Previously, he studied and taught at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Prior to that, Clement worked at the Zimbabwe Open University, Seke and Nyadire Teachers' Colleges, and Murewa High School. Clement has previously published poems in Zimbabwe and South Africa and short stories in Zimbabwe, South Africa, the USA and the UK.

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Short Story: A Beast and a Jete in Where to Now?