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Long Time Coming

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»The Exchange: a living museum in its own right, and a history unto itself. The walls stained with the colouration from exhalation, despite a lack of cigarette ends on the floor - supplies limited, singles sold by boys on street corners, sat under the lattice ironwork of colonial buildings.«
from Rum and Still Waters in Long Time Coming
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Lloyd Robson

Lloyd is a poet, novelist, broadcaster, workshop tutor, freelance book designer/typesetter and editor. Lloyd often works abroad and in recent years has worked in Australia, Europe, India, Japan, Sierra Leone and the USA. He divides his time between Cardiff and New York and leads a creative writing project in Sömmerda, Germany, every July. He has written commissioned documentary scripts for BBC Wales TV and BBC Radio Four. His most recent publication is Oh Dad! A Search for Robert Mitchum. Lloyd visited Zimbabwe to take part in the 2007 Intwasa Arts Festival in Bulawayo.
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Poems: calling planet woman, bap-bah!, hoover haiku, this sticky heat and when she sleeps in Intwasa Poetry. Short Story: Rum and Still Waters in Long Time Coming