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Long Time Coming

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»I am in a chicken bus. A chicken bus is an ugly bus, nothing like the sleek and fancy buses from overseas. It was designed especially for our rural dust roads, roads that collapse into ditches and mini dams during the rainy season. It is the cheapest, and certainly the harshest, way of getting home these days.«
from The Chicken Bus in Long Time Coming
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Linda Msebele

Linda was born in Ntabazinduna, grew up and lives at Nkulumane and works at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo as an accounts clerk. Linda is also a visual artist, aiming to paint images of life and the human condition through visual art, poetry and prose.
The Chicken Bus has been translated into German and published in the literary magazine LiteraturNachrichten.
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Short Story: The Chicken Bus in Long Time Coming