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Long Time Coming

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»As we walked into the hut, around forty children, aged between one and fourteen, sang and danced. They sang hymns of hope; hymns that promised a better life than the one they were leading. Few of these children would have healthy years ahead of them, and I, a white atheist with a purse ample enough to be cynical, had no right to question their hope.«
from Innocence in Long Time Coming
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Ian Rowlands

Ian was born in Wales, where he still lives. He is a writer/director in theatre and television both in the Welsh and the English languages. His plays include Blink, Blue Heron in the Womb, Desire Lines and the award winning Marriage of Convenience. Ian is currently a Lark Writer - one of the resident writers attached to the Lark Theatre, New York. In 2006 he visited Bulawayo as part of a Wales Arts International/British Council cultural delegation.
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Short Story: Innocence in Long Time Coming