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Where to Now?

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»And now I saw my mother’s kitchen wedge the gap between the halves of who I’d been and who I was going to be. I saw the Sunday sunlight slash through the flimsy lace curtain onto my mother’s hands, felt the oven’s warmth waft through the room and smelt the sweetness of vanilla essence from its half-opened bottle.«
from Rain in July in Long Time Coming
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Fungai Rufaro Machirori

Fungai is a poet, trained journalist, blogger, researcher and short story writer. She holds a degree in Journalism and Media studies and has work experience as a media social commentator on gender and HIV and AIDS. In 2005, Fungai was the youngest Zimbabwean participant in the British Council Crossing Borders creative writing project. Fungai is one of four Zimbabwean women poets published in Sunflowers in Your Eyes in 2010. She recently completed a Masters degree in the UK, being awarded a distinction.
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Short Stories: Rain in July in Long Time Coming and Alone in Where to Now?