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Intwasa Poetry

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»Who made that stupendous blunder?
The feet, straying in the wrong area?
The mouth, blurting the wrong party slogan?«
from Time to move on in Intwasa Poetry
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Chirikure Chirikure

Chirikure, born in Gutu in 1962, is best known as one of Zimbabwe’s most talented performance poets. His first volume of poetry, Rukuvhute, received honourable mention in the 1990 Noma Awards and was followed by Chamupupuri and Hakurarwi, We Shall not Sleep. Chirikure performs his poetry in Shona and in English and usually performs with musician Chiwoniso Mararire and also with DeteMbira, an mbira band of which he was a founding member. Much of his poetry has been recorded in audio form, and he and the DeteMbira band have produced one album, Napukeni.
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Poems: Dancing mother, Mutserendende and Time to move on in Intwasa Poetry