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This September Sun

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»On the 18th of April 1980, my grandfather burnt the British flag. I remember because it was my sixth birthday and he ruined it. My mother had made me a cake; it was in the shape of a heart, a big brown chocolate heart with white pearls of icing strung along the edge and ‘Happy Birthday’ written unsteadily across the middle.«
from This September Sun
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Bryony Rheam

Bryony was born in Kadoma in 1974. She went to school in Bulawayo, before moving to the UK where she obtained a BA and MA in English. She returned to Bulawayo after being away for over ten years, feeling a strong allegiance to it and to Matabeleland in general, but is now working in Zambia. She lives with her partner and the couple have two daughters.
amaBooks writings by Bryony Rheam

Novel: This September Sun. Short Stories: The Queue in Short Writings from Bulawayo, Something about Tea in Short Writings from Bulawayo II, The Rhythm of Life in Short Writings from Bulawayo III, Miss Parker and the Tugboat in Long Time Coming and The Piano Tuner in Where to Now?