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Long Time Coming

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»We are walking towards a winding queue at the local borehole… Most of the people are badly dressed, they have poverty darkened skins, skins tight and tense with poor nutrition. They are not shoving and pushing, they just shuffle to fill gaps in the queue.«
from Loving The Self in Long Time Coming
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Bhekilizwe Dube

Bhekilizwe studied literature, linguistics, Spanish and theatre arts at the University of Zimbabwe for two years. He has worked as a playwright, poet, dancer and actor with Sofika Performing Arts, as an arts administrator for the School of African Awareness and as a literature teacher in Bulawayo.
amaBooks writings by Bhekilizwe Dube

Short Stories: On a Day Like This in Short Writings from Bulawayo, The Seekers in Short Writings from Bulawayo II, Tearing the Curtain in Short Writings from Bulawayo III and Loving the Self in Long Time Coming