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Short Writings from Bulawayo II

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»There is silence as they both slowly stand up. Beat off the dust from their clothes. There is no talk. It is too hard for them to open their mouths, move their lips and tongues. Their mouths are dry like Shangani River.«
from Between Two Men in Short Writings from Bulawayo II
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Addelis Sibutha

Addelis comes from Hwange. On completion of a teacher training course she taught in Hwange and Bulawayo. She also studied for a Graduate Diploma in Marketing. After working as Visual Arts Development Outreach Officer at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo from 1998 to 2002, she returned as Regional Director in 2003. She studied for a Master’s Degree in the UK. Presently she works for Thokozani Khupe, Vice-President of the Movement for Democratic Change.
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Short Story: Between Two Men in Short Writings from Bulawayo II