Brian Jones and Jane Morris

John Eppel

»The story is simple. In a sentence it can be described as a love story centred on a young couple who discover the true power of love amid the social, economic and moral decay that threatens to swallow their love and everything else. But to say Hatchings is merely a love story would be criminal. It is more than that, Hatchings is a story about Bulawayo, about Zimbabwe, about corruption and cultural decay. In Hatchings John Eppel spares no one. With his sharp and yet witty pen he exposes corruption and pokes fun at those that are abusing power and this means literally everyone. Rich, poor, white, black, Indian, foreigner or local.«
Raisedon Baya
»With an easy style and making absolutely everything fair game — some of the conduct is, even when recognisable as satire, absolutely shocking — Eppel has written a very entertaining and sharp book.«
The Complete Review
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It is a New Year in Bulawayo, and anybody who is anybody is out celebrating.

Hatchings was short-listed for the M-Net Prize and was chosen for the series in the Times Literary Supplement on the most significant books to have come out of Africa
by John Eppel
ISBN 0-7974-3039-3
123 pages